Whitepaper: Creating A Data Center Efficiency Plan

data-center-efficiency-plan-whitepaperMaximizing energy efficiency in data centers isn’t a new idea, but it is a topic that has been generating more attention over the last several years. Whether due to rising energy costs, new federal regulations, or internal cost saving goals, data center managers are increasingly being asked to make a reduction in energy usage their first priority.

While this request often feels like a daunting task to a busy data center staff, the best place to start is at the beginning. Future Resource Engineering has recently released a complimentary whitepaper that provides a blueprint to creating a data center efficiency plan, providing five easy steps to help you achieve the best outcome while avoiding common mistakes.

Read more about this important topic in a blog post by Future Resource Engineering’s Jeremy Swanner at Data Center Post.

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  1. John Sheridan

    I manage the data center’s for Temple Hospital. I am interested in reading how to do this.


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