The Power of Potential

Potential.  It’s a powerful word, and at Future Resource Engineering it’s what we see when we walk through the door at your data center.


Potential for energy savings.

Potential for cost savings.

Potential for utility incentives.


Our experienced team of efficiency engineers knows the potential for savings exists in virtually every data center, and the accumulated savings they have identified in the past eight months are impressive.  YTD in data center studies alone, our team has identified:


24,467,186 kWh of energy savings.

$2,232,398 of cost savings.

$1,434,812 of potential utility incentives.


Or, the equivalent of:


So far this year we’ve identified savings at more than forty data centers across the U.S. in a variety of industries including: colocation, healthcare, higher education, government and telecommunications.  These numbers equate directly to bottom line savings for data centers. And they illustrate savings we can find in your data center too.

Discover the process we use to identify efficiency opportunities, and why our process sets us apart from other energy efficiency companies.

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