Add Up the Savings

Future Engineering Resource Crosses the 24 Million kWh Mark, Demonstrates Strong Returns on 2015 Energy Studies

At Future Resource Engineering, we’ve assembled a team of seasoned efficiency experts that know exactly where to look within your data center to provide the greatest savings and the fastest ROI.

Numbers speak louder than words, and the savings our team identified for data center customers in just the past eight months speak for themselves:

24,467,186 kWh of energy savings.

$2,232,398 of cost savings.

$1,434,812 of potential utility incentives.

Figures like these are the reason why Future Resource Engineering has been invited into dozens of data centers this year.  Our experienced team has more than 50 years of collective data center experience and knows both the likely and hidden places to increase energy and operational efficiencies.  We also have lengthy relationships with energy companies across the country, allowing us to pursue and ensure your energy incentives.

Ready to Realize Your Own Savings?

The experts at Future Resource Engineering follow a five step plan when crafting efficiency plans for our clients; a process we feel so strongly about that we’d like to share it with you.

Future Resource Engineering recognizes that every data center is different, which means efficiency opportunities, available incentives, equipment strategies, and payback requirements can differ widely.  But regardless of the size, scope, or location of your facility, increasing data center efficiency is a priority that you can no longer afford to delay.  No matter your level of experience, the steps detailed in this complimentary whitepaper will start you on the right path.  Read an excerpt.  

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